Giving Him Your Best…Not The Rest

Give God your best in everything

Leave the scraps of your day to the evenings.

Let your love shine forth, like the morning dew

And let God know assuredly that your love is true.

Give prayer best of your energy before the dawns light,

Give Him the first of your kindness, before the world’s strife.

Give Him the first of your provision, to those in need,

so the poor, hungry and lacking may succeed.

Meditate on his word and promises and might,

Before you ponder solutions that weaken your inner fight.

Give the greatest of your strength, to praise and thank Him,

not your final exhausting minutes in the night to appease Him.

For God is NOT a foreign pet that we gather and save our scraps for,

When we eat the best, scrape and toss the rest in a bowl for the floor….

Then think we are doing a noble thing, to give God the least of our ‘everything’…

The things that we would not even have

If His love was not our providing, healing and living salve.

He forgives our darkness and wants to fill us with light

Yet we audaciously dare Him, ‘do us’ and think it right.

I don’t know what it’s like to provide angels and air

for those who give me their ‘scraps’ and pretend that they care.

It must be painful to be forgotten and slapped in the face

By those HE created to worship His name.

He even appoints days, feasts and commandments to remember,

To show our love for His Majesty and at His feet for our problems to surrender.

Be mindful of how you treat the One

Who loves and adores you the most,

Whose thoughts are ALWAYS on you

to give you purpose, value and hope.

So, give Him your best and not the rest of whatever you have left in store,

And His lovingkindness will somehow make sure you have more.

Loving God is precious, intimate, Holy and real,

Taste his righteousness and HIS BEST he will surely reveal.

By P. Byars 12/4/2018

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