The Lion of Judah…

God of Wonders…I am the God who shows wonders

I am the Lord and my voice is powerful and full of majesty..

I am God and nothing Is too hard for me..

I am God who made all of my wonderful works to be remembered…

I am God and my Glory thunders…

I am the Spirit of Knowledge and understanding

I am the Holy Spirit that moved upon the deep…

I am worthy of worship, glorious and incomparable

I am God who makes Himself known through visions

I am numinous power

I am the giver of All revelations

I am Glorious and full of Splendor

I am He that ascended to the Father

I am God who performs signs

I am God who speaks in 9th seasons

I am the King of Glory

I am He who searches the mind and heart

I am great and greatly to be praised

I am Yah and Yeshua

I am the Creator of all true worship

I am Wisdom

I am omniscient

I am the Lord who stretches out the heavens

I am God who speaks

I am Jehovah Rapha your healer

I am God who declares new things before they spring forth

I AM the answer of your tongue

I am prophesy fulfilled…never early, never late

I am God who gives you dreams,

I am above all who were thought to be gods

I am the God of Symbols…

I am found in my appointed Feasts

I am the anointing Oil

I am the bright cloud that comes to you

I am the synagogue, church, tabernacle and temple

I am the Living Water of Life

I am the Shofar Trumpet

I am the Fountain of Israel

I am Israel’s Living Star

I AM the Passover

I am the Mark of the Covenant

I am the Door

I am the Altar of the Tabernacle

I am the Balm of Gilead

I am the Rose of Sharon

I am the Tree of Life

I am the God of Bethel

I am the Lily of the Valley

I am God whose Sabbaths are assigned between you and me

I am the rainbows’ color

I am the Rock there is no other

I am the Glory in the cloud of the temple

I am the Bread of Life

I am your Rock…full of Living Water

I am the Light of the World

I am a consuming Fire

I am the North your Promoter

I am the Bright and Morning Star

I am the Light, luminous, glorious and radiant One

I AM the God of Mercy…

I am God who is merciful..

I am Favor and I grant favor to whom I choose

I am God of the spotted and speckled

I am the Prince of Peace prophesied by the Prophet Isaiah

I am God who restores your soul

I am the friend of sinners

I am God…I tempt no-one

I am the God of Peace

I am He who weeps with those who weep

I am He who speaks from a position of mercy

I am Longsuffering

I am my spirit

I am Gracious

I am the forgiver of ALL transgressions

I am the manna which came down from heaven

I am the breath that gives you life

I am He who will not remember your sins

I am the Beloved and the Song of Songs

I am God who stretches out His hand

I am the Liberty you seek through my Spirit

I am Ever-Faithful

I am God in the midst of your Land

I am the forgiver of iniquity

I am abundant in mercy

I am the Author of Peace for your fears

I am the Lord who makes wise the simple

I am God who is daily full of new mercy

I am God who comforts you

I am God of the poor and stranger

I am gentle and lowly in heart

I am the Lord who exercises loving kindness

I Am the God of Sacrifice,,,

I Am the Christ

I Am the Cup (or Cub) of the Blood

I Am the Eternal Sacrifice

I Am the blood that cleanses you from sin

I am the crucified Messiah of Calvary

I Am your righteousness

I am the Yom Kippor offering that expatiates all sins

I am worthy to open and read the scrolls

I am Noah’s Ark in a world still filled with sin

I am the Wine and the Bread

I am Alive forever more

I am the sprinkled blood of the Lamb on the door posts of Israel

I am the Door to the Father

I am the Lord who rescues those with a contrite spirit

I am God’s Son sent to be seen face to face

I am He that left Heaven for you

I am your sanctification

I am the Blood Atonement

I am God’s Only Son

I am eternally blind to what I’ve forgiven

I am the Bread of Life broken for you

I am He who blots out your transgressions

I am supplication

I am the Pierced Messiah

I am the keeper of the keys to hades and death

I am the God of your salvation

I am the Lamb that was slain

I am the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

I am outside the camp…come to me!

I am the Way, the truth, The Life

I am the God of Justice…

I am the Righteous Judge of all creation

I am the King of Kings

I am with the generation of the righteous

I am God…my Statutes rejoice the heart!

I am the One who makes unbreakable covenants with man

I am Holy, Pure and Undefiled

I am God and besides me there is NO God!

I am God by which all Actions are weighed

I am God…my testimony is sure

I am God…my commandments enlighten the eyes

I am the witness on your behalf

I am righteous…Kings humble themselves before me

I am God whose eyelids test the sons of men

I am the Spirit of Wisdom

I am my Ordinances

I am the Divine Judge of all things

I am The Law

I am my Statues…walk in them!

I am judge of the living and the dead.

I am the Spirit of the ‘Fear of the Lord’

I am righteous

I am perfect knowledge

I am before whom every tongue will confess

I am the Lord who Loves righteousness!

I am the unbiased, impartial judge

I am the Lord and my judgments are righteous altogether

I am He who sent Moses to deliver Israel

I am God and no one can reverse my acts

I am to be feared above all gods

I am God who refines you

I am my judgments

I am the Lord who heals you

I Am the God of Promise…

I am returning

I am God and I want you to believe in Me

I am He who places your tears in my bottle…in my book

I am God who shows you things to come

I am the 7 Spirits and they are Me

I am the Lord and the fear of me is the Fountain of Life

I am God, my secrets are with those who fear Me

I am life’s guarantor of joy and health

I am God and will be found by those who seek me with all of their heart and soul

I Am and you shall know my names

I am He who leads you in the paths of righteousness

I am the architect of the last days

I am the soul key giver of heaven

I am the God who hears

I am the Lord who hears those who speak about my name

I am God who leads you to prophesy

I am the soon coming King

I am the Lord I do not change

I am always with you wherever you are

I am God who speaks through dreams

I am God who reveals His hallmark

I am the healing you seek

I am the Savior who will descend on the Mt of Olives

I am God who gives you visions

I am God of those who are growing old

I am coming quickly

I am the one coming on the white horse

I am the soon rending of the heavens

I am the precision of the Scripture

I am waiting for you.

I am God the Shepard.

I am your Shepherd, you shall not want

I am the Rod that Chastises and brings you comfort

I am in the Desert Wilderness to be tender with you

I am near to those who have a broken heart

I am your confidence

I am compassion

I am in the Father

I am with you and will keep you wherever you go

I am the Refuge of the poor

I am your Father

I am God in the stones

I am the Lord..he who is joined with me is one in spirit with me

I am the Spirit of Council

I am your provider

I Am Tenderness

I am the true Shepherd

I am the dispeller of all fear and doubt

I am interceding for you Right Now!

I Am Love!

I am the staff that retrieves you

I am man’s friend who sticks closer than a brother

I am the Shepherd’s Rod

I am God who is with you in the valley of the Shadow of Death,

I am there with you…

I am God who strengthens you

I am the Candle lighting your path

I am the Lord, precious in my sight, is the death of all thy sins.

I am the Counselor,

I am your Peace and Calm

I am He who wipes away your tears

I am your saving refuge of my anointing

I Am God the Ancient One…

I Am the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

I am the Holy Spirit who hovered over the chaos of this earth

I am the light of Genesis that was before light was

I am the Sacred Schema of the Ancients

I Am the Holy One of Israel

I am the One whose ways are perfect.

I am God…the fear of Me is clean and enduring forever.

I am the Holy of Holies.

I am the God of knowledge…I am the hoard sitting on His throne.

I am God who formed the earth to be inhabited.

I am understanding.

I am God who is joined to the Eunuch.

I am God of all the Holy Prophets of Scripture.

I am God who divided the Sea.

I am the Lord of the Dance.

I am the Lord!

I am the Guiding Star at Jesus’ birth.

I am God who turned water into wine.

I am He of whom all the prophets were told.

I am the root of the offspring of David.

I am God who leads you into all truth.

I am God whose rainbow is an everlasting covenant with you.

I am the root of Jesse.

I am the God of Jerusalem wherein is my name.

I am the Creator of Israel.

I am the God who divided the waters.

I am the Fountain of the House of David.

I am God who shuts up the heavens.

I am God who turns water into blood.

I am married to Israel.

I Am God the Reward…

I Am your exceedingly great reward.

I am the Lord…taste and see that I am Good!

I am both the Giver and the Gifts.

I am the preparer of your place in heaven.

I am able to give you much more than this!

I am the one source of all true wealth.

I am the skirt of Liberty.

I am He who anoints your head with oil.

I am the bridegroom returning for my bride.

I am the Lord who looks on those who tremble at my Word.

I am God who prepares a table for you in the presence of your enemies.

I am in the midst of two or three gathered in my name.

I am God who will answer you.

I am the Glory who conceals a matter for a King to search out.

I am the Fountain of Gardens.

I am the Resurrection of my Beloved.

I am God whose throne is in heaven.

I am from above.

I am the Lord whose countenance beholds the upright.

I am the just rewarder of all who seek me.

I am God who teaches you to profit.

I am the giver of abundant life.

I am more than you can ask or think.

I am sitting at the right hand of the Father.

I am the maker of many mansions therein.

I am the Sabbath Rest.

I am the inheritance of the Levite.

I am the Fountain of Life.

I am the Giver of Great Wisdom.

I am the Holy Spirit that hovers over your life to bring higher order.

I Am God The Warrior…

I am the Battle Standard.

I Am your sharp two-edged sword.

I am your Battle Cry.

I Am a Warrior and my Kingdom is spread by Force.

I am the Lord Mighty in Battle.

I am the One who Annihilates Satan’s plans.

I am the Spirit of Might.

I am the Master Planner of all Nations and Kingdoms.

I am He who leads you for my great names’ sake.

I am the conqueror of death, hell and the grave.

I am both warrior and poet.

I am the Supreme God, Deliverer and Possessor.

I am the Lord of Hosts.

I Am the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory.

I Am God who casts out nations before you.

I Am commander and chief of all heavens’ armies.

I am He who drives out the wicked before you.

I am the defender of those who believe in me.

I am your strength.

I am the Lamb sitting on the Throne.

I am your Victorious Banner!

I am the Fullness of Greatness, Power, Glory, Victory and Majesty!

I am God Almighty and Infinite in Strength.

I am your Mighty Shield!

I am the Lion of the Tribe of Judah!

I am the Sword of the Spirit.

I am your Hightower.

I am the Defender of Israel.

I am your Fortress.

I am Omnipotent.

I am the Enemy of the enemies of Israel!

I Am the God of Eternity!

I Am…I never change…

I am the First and the Last.

I am One.

I am man’s builder of faith through the ages.

I am ruler of both the night and the day.

I am the uncaused, eternal, self-existent One.

I am King forever and ever.

I am Spirit.

I am the Alpha and the Omega.

I am God whose eyes behold you.

I am the same everyday.

I am the Word of Life.

I am the Cornerstone.

I am the Resurrection and the Life.

I am Not of this world.

I am God who knows all of my works through eternity.

I am Omnipresent.

I am the One who simultaneously sees the beginning AND the end.

I am God ready to perform my word.

I am three in one, equal and eternal.

I am before the day was.

I am all my names.

I am the self-sufficient, self-sustaining, self-creating One.

I am God…there is no other!

I am the Word which was in the beginning.

I am the Rock of Ages on which you stand.

I am he who was, is, and is to come.

I Am Who I Am!

I am the Everlasting God!

I am He who inhabits Eternity.

I Am God of every creature…

I Am the Lord, the fear of me is the beginning of Wisdom.

I am the God of Multiplication and reproduction.

I am Yahweh…that is my name.

I am the God of the Seraphim.

I am the God of All Flesh.

I Am Divine!

I Am the Artist that All artisans draw from.

I Am Adonai El-An ahu…there is no other.

I Am the God of the Cherubim.

I Am the foundation of the world.

I Am invisible yet all creation speaks through me (or to me).

I am God…I want you to understand and know that I Am and you are my witnesses!

I Am Glorified in you.

I am God who made YOU a sign to the unbeliever.

I am more than all structures of steel, mortar and clay.

I am jealous over you.

I am The Exalted Head over ALL!

I am God who’s joined to the foreigner.

I am God who speaks face to face.

I am the Sovereign Fruit of All Creation.

I Am your next breath.

I Am the Light of the World.

I Am God and All that is in heaven and in Earth is mine.

I Am Emmanuel…God dwelling among man.

I Am high lifted up by all creation.

I am the outpouring Spirit upon All flesh.

I am He rejoices with those who rejoice.

I am the Only Creator that All that exists.

I am savior of both the Gentiles and the Jews.

I am He before every knee will bow!!!


{By John Paul Jackson on YouTube video, uploaded by ‘Barrie P’,

Title: “I Am 365 Names of God wmv”: 47:38 minutes.}


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