About Pazanta

Pazanta Byars is originally from the beautiful city of Beaufort, South Carolina. She currently resides in Atlanta, Ga., and has since 1972. She is a proud graduate of D.M. Therrell High School, Atlanta, Ga., Savannah State University, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Minor in Social Work. Pazanta recently completed her Master of Science in Management/M.S.M., from Argosy University, and is currently pursuing her EdD, Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership.

Pazanta’s heart and empathy to help others and her education prepared her to work in areas that service the community such as an Assistant infant Therapist in Boston, Massachusetts; Client Services Manager for the Achor Center & shelter for homeless women and children, Atlanta, Ga.; the Resident Services Director for the Integral Group, Atlanta, Ga.; the Case Manager in Foster Care/Youth Services, S.C; and the Senior Center Director for Senior Connections. Atlanta, Ga.

Volunteer Work: Her Volunteer work includes: serving as the President of the Board of Directors for The Way E.M.I. (Empowering Missions International) an international non-profit organization that is responsible for servicing and providing self-reliance ministries in the Philippines, Haiti, USA, and Africa;  a board member for the Clayton County Association Against Family Violence (CCAAFV) from 2008-2009, Vice-President from 2009-2010, and as the President of the Board of Trustees for the CCAAFV from 2010-2012. She served as CEO and President of the Original Gullah Festival in Beaufort, South Carolina from 2013 – 2015 which is an annual event held every Memorial Day weekend and was Co-founded by her grandmother Mrs. Rosalie Pazant over 30 years ago.  She has also volunteered for the American Red Cross servicing senior citizens.

Creative Arts:  Pazanta has enjoyed working as a television talk-show hostess for the ‘Talking Drums’ show on People TV in Atlanta, Ga., as well as a Radio DJ in Atlanta at WIGO where she produced her own Poetry and Jazz show entitled, “The Poetry Experience.” She also hosted the morning drive show for WVGB servicing Beaufort/Hilton Head, S.C., and the mid-day show for WFMV in Columbia, S.C.  Pazanta is proficient in Off-Stage/Off Camera Commentary where she applies her voice-over talent for narration services. She has written several narratives for commercial copy, magazines, newspapers, press releases, public relations, advertisement, marketing and administrative communications for entertainers, non-profit organizations, and government/professional entities.  She provides her voice for many voice-over services for many local and national businesses including GAP Productions / Los Angeles, CA & Houston, TX,  and provides Off-Stage/Off Camera Commentary and production for many media outlets, and professional announcing for public and private events.

Spiritual Quest:  Metaphysically, Pazanta started her spiritual quest at the age of 15 when she began to study the teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Paramahansa Yogananda. Since the age of 15, she loves practicing Hatha Yoga including Pranayama Breathing and Transcendental Meditation. Her spiritual studies include: Self Realization Fellowship via P. Yogananda teachings; The Science of Mind, w/Ernest Holmes; Mystical Christianity; The Bible, the Upanishads, the Koran, Egyptian Kemetic Yoga/via Sebu Dr. Muatta Ashby, and has an affinity for non-denominational Christian teachings. Pazanta has always loved studying various religions and has always appreciated the commonalities that are similar in all religions…the one thing that is common is the belief in each religion in the ONE God.

Strong Foundation:  After many years of studying various religious ideologies, Pazanta believes that we are spiritual beings living in human bodies.  God the Elohim, whose name is Yahweh/YHWH,  is the Heavenly Father; Jesus/Yeshua is the God-Man, the manifested Glory of the Elohim Yahweh.  The Holy Spirit is the indwelling person that resides and speaks to our souls what he hears from Yeshua or Yahweh.   There is no name higher, greater than Yeshua the Christ of Nazareth and no God/Elohim greater than Yahweh/YHWH. The Holy Spirit comes to reside in our vessels of darkness to reveal all unholiness and lead us into the marvelous light of the Elohim.  We might as well accept the fact that we are supernatural beings and that we will never totally understand everything about the un-seen worlds; but there is one who does…and that is our Creator, THE Creator of the Universe, YHWH,  who robed himself in the flesh of Yeshua the Christ of Nazareth.

Pazanta is a celebrated Poet and also loves writing regarding spiritual symbol’s in the creative arts (Read her Movie Interpretations and some of her poetry at byarspazanta.wordpress.com).  Throughout her high school and college years she began to blossom in poetry writing and African dance. She danced and performed with the Atlanta African Dance Ensemble, and choreographed her own dance troupe in Savannah Georgia. She loves to recite her poetry in Spoken Word events.

She loves reading and compiling scripture writings and the promises of God. She is the proud mother of four children and ten grand-children. Contact Pazanta for spiritual counseling and poetry bookings @ 404-573-6378.  She can also be reached via the following email addresses:  bpazanta@gmail.com or byarspazanta@yahoo.com.

A walk on the beach, a quiet bench on the side of a lake, a visit with a true friend or loving family member, or a quiet time for prayer and devotion to God is her delight!

Peace and Many Blessings!

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