High Frequencies of Living: Post Election 2016

My family and friends ….please, in the midst of the fear, grief, and anger as a result of those who are hurting as a result of the election, understand that you must do the best you can to keep your frequency high… and let your anger, grief, disappointment, etc. be the exception of your consciousness…not the rule.  Let me explain. Without being too preachy because I know with most of you I am ‘preaching to the choir,’ however, I just wanted to share the following:

In Dr. David R. Hawkins’ book, Power vs. Force, he discusses the ‘Map of Consciousness.’  This map lists the frequencies of human emotions and states of being from the weakest to the strongest. I will list it here for you:  Shame: 20; Guilt: 30; Apathy: 50; Grief: 75; Fear: 100; Desire: 125; Anger: 150; Pride: 175; Courage: 200; Neutrality: 250; Willingness: 310; Acceptance: 350; Reason: 400; Love: 500; Joy: 540; Peace: 600; and Enlightenment: 700.  The power of Enlightenment at a 700 frequency has been measured to impact 70 million people.  The power of Acceptance through Peace can exude healing energy, positively impact and change 750,000 people via its expanded consciousness.  Contracted consciousness starts with Fear and degrades to Shame which has the lowest frequency of all.  Now think about it…if anyone can KEEP you in Shame, Grief, and Fear…you have NO POWER to change anything!  It’s normal and natural to feel anger, fear, shame, grief, but God does not intend for us to STAY there. We are human…so we must learn how to deliberately keep our frequencies High.

Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted water crystal experiments wherein he took tap water and put it in bottles, wrote words on each bottle such as, “Love,” “Gratitude”, and “Joy’, He also wrote words such as “You Fool,” “I hate you, you make me sick,” etc. on the other bottles. He held these bottles, spoke these words and then put them in a freezer.  The bottles with the positive and negative words were studied under a microscope and his findings were that the bottles with the positive words formed beautiful snowflake and lace figures. The bottles that had the negative words formed ugly and chaotic figures. Our bodies are at least 75% water…so if we are thinking negative thoughts, saying negative words, and remaining in states of fear and anger, (or allowing others to keep us in states of fear and anger) we are creating chaotic energy in our bodies and making ourselves sick.  Remember, during slavery or any mind control strategies, slaves and prisoners of war were killed IN FRONT OF OTHERS to control the masses. It is no accident that many of the recent killings have been televised because it is designed to alter our paradigms and instill fear and anger TO KEEP OUR ENERGY LOW AND OUR ABILITY TO CHANGE OUR ENVIONMENT IMPOSSIBLE!  This is all old strategy but unbeknownst to so many people!

There is also the Maharishi Effect discussed by Geoff Gilpin where the teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (When I was14 years old he was my first teacher in Transcendental Meditation) demonstrated meditative monks were placed in different cities. In those specific cities, the stock market went up and crime and pollution went down.  Due to heightened frequencies via meditation, the monks raised and expanded the consciousness in these cities.

My point is that frequency is real! This is why God says in the chapter of Philippians 4:8 it says: …”whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”  There is a whole lot of science in the Bible….and this could save your life!  Don’t allow stress, fear, anger, or grief to rule you or overcome you.

Keep your frequencies high: watch something (s) that make you laugh like a comedy show for example. (Laughter is INDEED medicine) I love to watch My Wife and Kids, Gomer Pyle, the Jeffersons, Two and A Half Men, and Everybody Hates Chris. Or listen to music which is known to raise your frequencies as well and lift you out of your grief and anger. I also enjoy and need to meditate and pray, visualize and recite my daily affirmations.

And of course….Prayer and Praise! Prayer is right up there with Enlightenment…the highest frequency.  And as per Pastor Murkison, my pastor at Voices of Faith South in Atlanta, Ga…we have the power and authority of Dominion. We have the power to speak and align ourselves with Gods promises and Divine affirmations that will keep goodness, favor, power, and blessing in our lives!  Don’t allow the lower energies to control you, your bodies and your minds.  God says in his scripture to Choose Life…

I declare and decree that darkness has no authority over us…we are children of God, the Holy Divine…children of the Eternal Light. Do not allow negative speech and emotions to rule you….experience it, use it and then let it go…and rest in Peace, Love and Enlightenment.  Many blessings….Pazanta

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